What is Fermenting?

Fermenting is an ancient traditional way of preserving food that involves adding salt and water to food and encouraging the naturally present healthy bacterial populations to thrive and multiply, creating a food high in probiotic bacteria and vitamins and minerals.

What is "Functional" Fermenting?

Functional Fermenting is a very specific way of fermenting food that produces medicinal quality healing food that completely eliminates mold and is lower in histamines. This food is suitable for those with illness who have previously been unable to tolerate most fermented food, even in small quantities. This advanced way of fermenting is easy, but it is not simple.

Who Should Attend the Functional Fermenting Seminar?

Anyone who would like to begin fermenting, take their fermenting to the next level, or fill gaps in their fermenting knowledge.

The Seminar focuses on vital education involving gut health and applied fermentation techniques for health preservation and recovery. There is something for everyone, from the beginning fermenter to nutritional therapists and health practitioners, and everyone in between.

Are you afraid of eating home-fermented foods? You will gain confidence in the safety of your home-fermented foods and understand the science behind the process.

Are you or someone you love dealing with health issues? Have you had unpleasant reactions to ferments which you have eaten in the past? Would you like to know why that happens and what you can do about it?

Are you a teacher of fermenting? This is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skill and to help those people especially challenged by impaired gut function, who have not previously been able to benefit from fermented foods because of unpleasant reactions. Almost all of these with impaired health find that they are able to eat optimally fermented foods.

Continuing Education Credits for Professionals

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (nanp.org) offers 6 Tier I Continuing Education Units for Health Professionals who attend the Functional Fermenting Seminar, either in person or online.

What Information is Covered in the Seminar?

Eight full hours of instruction and demonstration that will fully prepare students to begin fermenting at home.

The day starts with an Introduction to Fermenting that explains what fermenting actually is and how it is not food spoilage, and why it is such a powerful addition to a healthy diet.

We briefly cover fermenting history. Additionally, we talk about digestive health to provide an understanding of the importance of fermented food in a healthy diet.

Students will leave with a firm grasp of fermenting theory and technique.

How Will I Know What To Expect?

Attendees will get to taste samples of more than a dozen different kinds of fermented foods. Instruction and Visual Demonstrations provide an understanding of the variations in recipes and techniques.  Students will explore how to prepare various types of probiotic foods including:

  • Beverages
  • Condiments
  • Chutneys & Salsas
  • Fruit & Fruit Leathers
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Nuts

We will talk about expected flavors and textures, and describe some of the subtle flavor changes that occur over time which are harmless, but do indicate that the shelf life is coming to an end.

Will We Get To Practice?

Each student has an option when purchasing a ticket to add the Fermenting Exercise.  This includes practice measuring and mixing brine, filling the jar, and then taking home a deliciously bubbling ferment in a Probiotic Jar, ready to eat in a week. 

All students participating in the Exercise will bring a quart zipper bag full of prepared organic carrot sticks to the Seminar.


The mission of the Foundation for Functional Fermented Food includes providing assistance to those who have financial challenges to be able to attend the Seminar.  Scholarship recipients in the past have expressed great gratitude for the opportunity to attend because of the aid, and if you or someone you know is in need of assistance in order to attend, please apply.

Sponsors and Donors

The Foundation for Functional Fermented Food is a tax-exempt 501.c3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-exempt to the extent that they exceed the value of benefits received.

By supporting the Functional Fermenting Seminar you will reach passionate attendees empowering their well-being through better understanding of gut health. Partner with us to continue this vital mission to effect powerful and lasting change.

The Class Handbook for the students of the Seminar is a unique publication in which to place an advertisement. Students will access the notes in their Class Handbook long after they have attended the Seminar, extending exposure to your message. The format is a 3-ring binder, and your advert will be placed on a page with vital presentation information. It will be an integral part of a highly valued, lasting resource.

Seminar Instructors

The Speakers at the Functional Fermenting Seminar are a passionate group of volunteers who have been positively impacted by optimally fermented food and want to share that passion with those seeking to improve or protect their own health through nutrition.

This photo was taken just moments before the Vancouver Fermenting Seminar in September of 2017.  The Instructors, Event Manager and Support Staff all travel from Alaska, Texas, and Indiana for larger editions of the Seminar.