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Functional Fermenting Seminar Testimonies

"Attending the seminar exceeded my expectations by a mile. As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I know the healing power of fermented foods. I've been very interested for a long time in fermenting my own, but have been scared. As a person recovering from mold illness, I didn't want to risk consuming something that wasn't 100% safe. I left the seminar with so much new knowledge and motivation to get fermenting! I'm so thankful that I now know how to create such amazing healing food. I can't recommend this seminar enough. The instructors are such a wealth of knowledge and continue to support you even after the seminar ends."
--Brandy Cummings, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Vancouver, Washington

"Wow, there is a lot about fermented foods that I was not taught in University. It makes sense now why we see so many people with GI issues. I found the seminar not only very informative, I thought the instructors did a very good job of explaining the science behind what is happening to the food inside the jar; not only from the side of the bacteria but how each food ferments very differently. It also inspired me to start fermenting some foods on my own for my own health. I just can't believe that this knowledge has been out here! I want to tell everyone about optimally fermenting foods!"
--Jordan Townsend, BS Nutrition, NTP, Ridgeland, Mississippi

"This is an incredible seminar. I recommend it to anyone. I have been fermenting and teaching fermenting for many years now, and I thought it was an excellent way to gain another perspective. I have had about 95% success rate with my fermenting until now, and now the extra information that I have gained will most likely get me closer to 100% success."
--Elizabeth Boggs, RN, NTP (Nutrition Therapy Practitioner)

"The Functional Fermented Food seminar in Wilmot, Ohio was beyond excellent. I would have to say it was amazing. It was the second time I attended the seminar. The presenters are very knowledgeable, and definitely fall under the category of "expert" in the field of fermenting. We received a notebook with all the information they were covering, along with excellent photography. Overall, the seminar was detailed and well presented. Samples, lunch, and road map to a healthier life. This seminar deserves 5 stars."
--Pascalia Mageros Boukis, Repeat Attendee, Wilmot, Ohio

"Even though I eat a very health-conscious diet, I immediately noticed a positive change in my digestive health from eating fermented foods as taught in the Seminar. The instructors are warm and engaging, and made everything easy to understand. The Seminar is a great resource for making and appropriately incorporating fermented foods right away. Understanding why and how to “optimize” fermented food is key to the health benefits. I urge my patients and other practitioners to attend this seminar because there is no healthy substitute for homemade functional fermented food in the diet."
--Dr. Michael J. Ellenburg, N.D. 
The Ellenburg Center for Natural Medicine, Inc.

"The seminar in Vancouver was awesome! We got to try lots of delicious samples and learn the science and methods behind this ancient powerful method of preserving and enhancing food. Who knew fermented foods could taste so good?! Great speakers and resources! Well worth the investment in time and money!"
--Anne Pico, Licensed Midwife, Medical Assistant, Dallas, Oregon

"As a NTP, I am in the business of helping clients with their health issues (and mine). I loved the lunch and samples throughout the day, plus, the materials we received are wonderful resources. I have been empowered with knowledge and confidence to help my clients (and myself) with fermentation. It was was a valuable experience! "
--Darlene Fairbrook, NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)

"I just attended this seminar in OH. It's full of great info, very well put together, and an absolute must for anyone interested in fermenting and wanting to take their health to another level. Highly recommend. "
--Marie Black, Warrenton, Virginia

"I attended the Functional Fermenting Seminar in Alaska in 2015, and it was just excellent. So many people are suffering today from major gut problems that affect their whole health profile. I hope every person who reads my testimony acts on my encouragement to attend a live Seminar as soon as possible, and the online one if not! The impact potential cannot be overstated; such a small investment of time and finances for something so powerful and life-changing.
--Dr. Thomas Taylor, D.C., NTP, Wasilla, Alaska

"When my husband saw the brochure he strongly encouraged me to go to the Functional Fermenting Seminar. I thought the class would be around $30 and I would have backed out because of the cost if it were not for my husbands persistence! I had previously experienced mold failure and felt uneasy about doing any more fermenting. The class gave me confidence again in fermenting. It was harvest time so I took the plunge. I have been experimenting with different recipes ever since, without a single failure. In the mean time my husband noticed my stomach shrinking and my friends noticed my flat stomach. I started to notice the pain for 30 years was gone. I was wearing tight jeans all day comfortably!! This optimal fermentation has changed the quality of my life! I will be fermenting for the rest of my life. I got a real bargain that day!! Thank you Karen and your staff for bringing this knowledge and wisdom into all our lives!!!"
--Ann May, Fairbanks, Alaska

"This Seminar has far exceeded my expectations - how much more information I received than what I expected, and it has been extremely enjoyable. I have been buying fermented food, and I'm excited to know how to do it at home!"
Maria Lucas, Seattle, Washington

"I wanted to start fermenting but was too intimidated by all the stories of bad or moldy ferments. My husband urged me to sign up for the seminar and I am so glad I did. It took away my hesitation and helped me understand so much about why I should ferment and how to do it. I'm a hands-on learner and by the end of the seminar I had no more hesitation and jumped in with both feet!"
--Kristi Verhagen Dugan, Holistic Nutritionist, Fairbanks, Alaska