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Who Should Attend?

What do you need to take your fermenting to the next level? The Seminar focuses on vital education involving gut health and applied fermentation techniques for health preservation and recovery. The Seminar has something for everyone: from the beginning fermenter to nutritional therapists and health practitioners, and everyone in between.

  • Are you just grossed out by the possibility of mold or can’t get past the idea of bacteria bubbling away at your food before you eat it?
  • Are you afraid of eating home-fermented foods?
  • Are you or someone you love dealing with health issues? Have you had unpleasant reactions to ferments you’ve eaten in the past? Would you like to know why that happens and what you can do about it?
  • Are you a teacher of fermenting? This is an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skill and to help those people especially challenged by impaired gut function, who have not previously been able to benefit from fermented foods because of their reactions. Most of these health-impaired find that they are able to eat optimally fermented foods.
Since fermented foods are such an important inclusion in a healthy diet, we are on a mission to make optimized, healing food possible for everyone. Even mainstream health education is starting to catch on to the importance of probiotics. We are finding out how much more beneficial and healing it is to consume living, powerful, optimized probiotic food rather than probiotic pills.