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Our Mission: We’re a 501.c3 nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to empowering teachers and individuals with in-depth knowledge of the why and the expertise of how to create delicious, optimized, powerful, zero-mold ferments, which are vital to the restoration of health.

The Seminar instructors are 100% volunteer. Their commitment to teach is such that when there is a lack of funding, they even purchase their own airfare to come and teach.

Our President, Karen Ross, has an distinct soft spot for people suffering from chronic illness and struggling to regain their health.

Many have financially prioritized their health and diet in order to regain a functional life. Often health insurance does not pay for the most valuable and effective treatments against chronic illnesses. The Functional Fermenting Seminar education is a powerful tool to aid in recovery. At less than the price of one (uninsured) doctor's visit, the Seminar facilitates individuals and practitioners to produce meaningful and lasting changes that will continue to yield health benefits for the rest of one's life.

The funds from all full price tickets contribute a significant portion to the Scholarship Fund, after Seminar expenses are paid. To purchase a full-price ticket, simply purchase the ticket without a discount coupon code (if available). Note that if you require a tax-deductible receipt, then use the coupon code to purchase your ticket and make an equivalent donation at the same time.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and available funding. Scholarship recipients are often asked to perform duties at the seminars, but not any duties that reduce their access to the education.

The Foundation for Functional Fermented Food’s Scholarships are funded by the generosity of others. These Scholarships enable as many as possible who really desire to attend in spite of financial hardships. Each application will receive the greatest consideration possible.