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Discover a partnering relationship with us - to reach the people who are actively looking for and investing in solutions!

By supporting
the Functional Fermenting Seminar you will reach passionate attendees who are seeking to improve their well-being through better understanding of gut health. Partner with us to continue this vital mission to effect powerful and lasting change.

The Class Handbook for the students of the Seminar is a unique publication in which to place an advertisement. Students will access their notes in the Class Handbook long after they’ve attended the Seminar, extending exposure to your message. The format is a 3-ring binder, and your advert will be placed on a page with vital presentation information. It will be an integral part of a highly valued, lasting resource.

The Online Video Seminar with footage from these live events allows your exposure to continue beyond the live Seminar students. Your support will also make updates to the online sessions possible.

The demographics of these seminars are about 90% women, with over 75% working and raising families. They typically range in age from 25-65, with the majority between 35-55. Some are dealing with significant health challenges, and are fighting for their well-being, while others are well-established in healthy living habits. Health Care Professionals make up a significant percentage of our attendees.

Herein lies a
unique opportunity to target a market of people seeking healthy options for their own lifestyle, as well as the health-and-wellness clients of the practitioners who attend. Practitioners who attend the Seminar are eligible to earn 6 Continuing Education Units from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (nanp.org), making the Seminar a very attractive option for professionals to meet their continuing education requirements.

We serve tens of thousands
of people every year at our live Seminars and through our Online Seminars and other outreach programs.

Applications for sponsorship
are accepted all year long and provide benefits for a rolling 12-month period.

Please contact us for more information.

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