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Karen Ross

Karen was born in Canada and moved with her family to Ohio at the age of 6 years. She enjoyed a private education through high school, and was involved in various extracurricular activities with a focus on piano mastery. For her first year of college Karen studied at the Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. She then moved to California and eventually to Alaska where she majored in Nursing at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. Throughout her educational years Karen volunteered in the hospital in her home town, and worked as a nursing assistant in a rehabilitation center and a nursing home. Read More....

Linda Cox, BA

Linda was raised on a small farm in a log cabin with no running water or inside plumbing. She began working full time in the tobacco fields at ten years of age during the summers, and throughout high school worked 20 hours a week. During her college years, Linda worked 70 hours weekly in the summer and 30 hours weekly while college was in session to pay for her education. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Police Administration. Linda has two classes remaining to finish a Master of Arts in Religion (theology). Read More...

Kelly Caraway, BS

Kelly was raised in Washington State and graduated from Kinman Business University with two certificate degrees in Legal Administrative Assistant and Assistant Accountant. She then attended Columbia Christian College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, comprised of Computers, Humanities, and Bible.

She was studying foreign language to prepare for the mission field when she met her husband, Tim. With a new focus, she moved to the sticks in Alaska where they raised and home-schooled two children who are now grown. One lives in Alaska and works with his father in construction, and their older daughter is serving as a missionary in Ireland.

Commercial fishing during the summers on a remote island in Alaska prompted Kelly to seek ways to obtain and preserve vegetables and other fresh food for her family, when a grocery store is not available down the street. This led to Kelly developing her knowledge of real food, and eventually teaching bread baking classes. It was during this time she met Karen Ross, who introduced her to anaerobic fermenting. She jumped on board to support Karen in her mission, and was key support during the development of the Comprehensive Fermenting Seminar. Kelly and Karen continue to work closely as a team to further this mission.

Kelly’s desire is to help people discover the deliciousness of wholesome foods, and helping women (and men) get these foods on the table in a way their family will eat them!