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Functional Fermenting Seminar Content & Objectives

This seminar includes eight full hours of instruction and demonstration that will fully prepare students to begin fermenting at home.The Seminar starts with an Introduction to Fermenting that explains what fermenting actually is, how it is not food spoilage, and why it is such a powerful addition to a healthy diet.

We briefly cover fermenting history. Additionally, we talk about digestive health to provide an understanding of the importance of fermented food in a healthy diet.

Students will leave with a firm grasp of fermenting theory and technique. Common misinformation about fermenting food will be discussed and corrected. A seminar manual with a comprehensive outline for taking notes, and a resource list will be provided for reference and use at home, with space for adding notes and recipes.

A question and answer time at the end of each segment will ensure that each student is able to have their questions addressed and fully understands the material. Phone support following the seminar is available as needed, to ensure the success of each attendee.

Here is a list of the topics covered in the Seminar:

Microorganisms' Relationship to Human Health
Gut Health
Fermentation Defined
Fermentation Safety
Histamine Compounds
Mold in Human Health and Fermenting
Fermentation History
Microorganisms' Relationships (to each other)
Fermentation Stages
Traditionally Fermented Foods
Factors Affecting Fermentation
Mold Control
Choosing Fermenting Vessels
Detecting Spoilage
Guidelines for Fermenting Success
Choosing Salt & Water
Using (and Not Using) Starter Cultures
Finished Ferment Maintenance
Fermenting Timelines
Food Combining for Optimal Fermenting

Fermenting Basic Brined Vegetables
Fermenting Self-Brining Vegetables
Fermenting Kvasses
Fermenting Expansive Vegetables

Water Kefir
Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
Preserved Lemons
Cultured Cream
Ranch Dressing
Dairy Kefir
Fermented Nuts
Oat Granola
Berry Syrup
Medicinal Ferments
Fruit Leather
Incorporating Ferments into Meal Routines

The Functional Fermenting Seminar includes a broad view of fermentation applications to provide perspective for the beginning home fermenter. Students will be ready to start fermenting at home, and will be empowered to evaluate recipes and information (taken from the internet and other sources) to convert them to produce optimal fermented food.