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Hands On Exercise

Each student has an option to practice measuring and mixing brine, filling the jar, and then take home a deliciously bubbling ferment in a Probiotic Jar,
ready to eat in a week.

Graduating students have asked us to emphasize the benefit of
participating in this exercise. Many students that have opted to
observe the exercise have regretted not participating. It is offered as
an option only to keep the ticket costs as low as possible, because
participation is not vital to gain a substantial benefit from
attending the Seminar.

All students participating in the Exercise will bring a quart zipper bag full of organic carrot sticks (not the mini pre-peeled carrots). Each stick should measure about 2-3" in length, and carrots should be split lengthwise into four small sticks (unless they are already very thin carrots). The measurements are not critical, but it is best if the pieces are similar in size. It is best not to prepare whole carrot sticks, nor to grate them for this exercise.

Everything else will be provided for the students to complete the Exercise.

When checking out, select the option to add the Exercise to the ticket.